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January 5th 2022


Following almost 2 years of restrictions we are pleased to be open for karaoke with no limit on numbers. We have added additional measures to our venue designed for the safety and well being of our customers and staff. We hope this will provide some reassurance to you.

All employees' test for coronavirus regularly prior to working their shifts.

All customers and staff are encouraged to adhere to the following;


  • Sanitise on entry 

  • Sanitise microphones before and after individual use

  • Use disposable microphone covers (provided by us)


We now have a minimum 2 hour booking policy and gaps of 30 minutes between groups to sanitise the space and avoid any overlaps. 

We ask that you ensure your guests are in good health before attending. 

Please try to pay for drinks using contactless methods where possible.

We are no longer accepting walk-ins.

We are committed to following the latest government advice. We will continue to update our policies as appropriate to ensure a safe environment when you visit. If you wish to discuss these changes please feel free to contact the team.

Let us sing for better days!


See you soon,


SK Team

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