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18 months in the karaoke game blog!

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

18 months of karaoke in Stokey and still no blog. Well here we are finally with our overdue first ever blog post.

Why Karaoke?

Why not? Yes it’s cheesy and tacky but what we’ve learnt since opening is that even those who hate karaoke (the nervous, the insecure, the sober or the too cool for karaoke peeps) grew to love it. They just didn’t know it. Music is good. Singing is even better. It’s therapeutic and in a time where we’re working harder than ever before for less than ever before let’s keep it real. We need all the reasonably priced therapy we can get. Karaoke isn’t drama unless you sing #Gaga. Karaoke isn’t moody unless issa #wholemood. It’s fun. Good old fashioned fun. A way to let your hair down or quite literally cover it up (we have wigs for #lewks). Forget about your worries and your strife, wife, life... I mean the bear necessities of karaoke really are in the basement at number 20 Stamford Hill.

Haven‘t we

been busy!

2018/2019 has seen

  • Stand Up Comedy Shows

  • Karaoke on Karaoke gig

  • Wedding Afterparties

  • Birthdays

  • Brazilian Drumming Night

  • Hen/Stag

  • Music Video

  • Short Film Showing

Below are just a few pictures from some of our nights & events;

Will blog more... Soon

Obligatory Hashtags to blog post

Love to #karaoke Good news!

You can #sing (#dance #bodypop #slide) throughout your time at #stokeykaraoke if you book online. Why come all the way to #stamfordhill #stokenewington? To see what it’s all about and enjoy some of the less frequented parts of #hackney where the #drinks are cheaper and the restaursnts on #churchstreet make great dining before and or after karaoke. So go ahead and #bookonline using code “hashtag” for a 10% #discount!

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